Gibbet is Back!

Save The Hangman Using Your Bow And Arrows

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If you are in the mood of rescuing a few men who are hanging by their neck, Gibbets 3 is the game for you. You have to go through 40 regular levels and 8 bonus rounds and the faster you move, the higher your final score.

Instructions, hints and tips
The goal of each round is to save everyone before they lose their breaths, and you can also collect a few bonus points if you have enough time. You control a bow with your mouse, and you have to adjust the angle and power of each shot. In some of the more complicated levels, you will encounter some special arrows that will help you beat the level. If someone suffocates and dies, you can try again until you succeed. If a particular level is too challenging for you, you can skip it with no repercussions. In fact, you can return to it later. However, you can't skip more than two levels if you still want to continue playing the game. The number of arrows you can fire in each round is limited, so you have to focus before each shot. If you hit the men, their life bar will be drained, but they might still make it depending on the gravity of the injury. Gibbets 3 is not all about pointing and shooting. This is also a puzzle game, so if you don't use the right strategy for some levels, you will get stuck. If this happens, you can always click the restart button and try again.


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